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ViaControl is a multi use control station for all iWeiss products from a single axis up to eight axes. The enclosure is UL listed and allows for the use of a remote pendant with a second E-Stop and momentary push button control. The base station has illuminated selector buttons, on/off key switch and latching E-stop button, as well as crash bars for the protection of the control devices. External mounting holes allow for easy installation without opening the enclosure.



  • Dimensions: 19”W x 9”H x 7”D
  • Power:  120V 20A Single Phase


  • Safety: on/off keyed powered switch, allows for only single axis movement at a time, latching E-Stop buttons located on both base station and handheld pendant, remote hand held pendant with momentary directional push buttons.
  • Convenience:  Allows control up to eight axes from a single station, illuminated selector buttons, timed program automatically deselects axes after 30mins.
  • Enclosure:  Hinged steel UL listed enclosure, crush rails, exterior mounting feet
  • Compatibilities:  Works with all iWeiss automation products and many other commercially available drives and motor starters.
  • All drive cabinets and control stations are UL Listed. 


  • Custom configurations available