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A self-climbing hoist - why?

If you are a school, house of worship, or theater in need of theatrical or architectural lighting instruments, but your ceiling or building structure is not accessible - then the ViaLift is for you.

The ViaLift raises and lowers lighting instruments very simply at the touch of a button, thereby eliminating the need for lifts, ladders, catwalks, and expensive crew time for simple lighting maintenance work.

How Does it Work?

  • Components: Each packaged lighting hoist consists of an aluminum main frame containing a cable collector and motorized winch, with electrical connector strip, raceway, or dimmer stick as specified, and a stage pipe batten for mounting your lighting fixtures. The ViaLift can be customized to your specific needs.
  • Installation: The ViaLift has four individual 7x19 cables that mount directly to the building structure. Appropriate mounting hardware is included. The ViaLift's cable collector - fitted above the main unit - carries power and control for both lighting and lift. This is easily connected to your building's system by an electrical contractor.
  • Control: For smaller installations of one to four units we recommend a key operated receptacle panel with a hand-held pendent which operates one unit at a time. For larger installations we also offer a touch screen computer system which allows the user to group units together and operate them at the same time. Multiple positions for each lift can be pre-set.
  • Quality:
    • The ViaLift is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.
    • Meets all NFPA Electrical Standards for Industrial Machinery.
    • Submittal drawings and specifications are available upon request.
    • One year limited factory warranty.
    • Yearly inspection by factory authorized technician is available.

All Inclusive Packages

I.Weiss is a full service rigging company working on projects all over the US. For your convenience and peace of mind our project managers will survey your site, help you design the ViaLift units that are best suitable for your situation, and then install it for you.

Vialift Projects

Topshop - Manhattan

Installation of two 19' ViaLifts in the atrium of the first U.S. Topshop store location. Vertical travel: 45' Architect: INARCH Architects

CertusBank Conference Center

After receiving the contract for the new CertusBank Headquarters, Barbizon Lighting of Charlotte (project led by Paul Strom & Brian Barker) contacted iWeiss to assist in the fabrication and installation of a (6) ViaLift Lighting Hoists and “bespoke” drapery that had to be configured and installed in a unique spatial geometry.  In addition to the ViaLift, the curtain was operated by an iWeiss ViaTraveler mounted in a very limited size pocket. Since the operating line can go directly into the machine the space problem was solved.

Westside Baptist Church - Fort Pierce, FL Two 23' ViaLifts for Rear of House Lighting.
Vertical Travel: 30'

Contractor: JR Clancy

First Baptist Church - Madison, MS
This 24' ViaLift was installed in the balcony behind one of the building’s horizontal beams above the balcony seating area in an effort to hide the hoist when flown out to a storage position, and will be used to hold additional lighting units for special events.
For this purpose the self-climbing hoist was equipped with two (8) x 20 amp circuits ETC raceways, and a wall-mounted control station.
To make it “disappear” this lift was painted white to match the walls and ceiling. Required vertical travel was 20'.

Contractor: TLS Inc.

Yeshiva of Flatbush

Yeshivah of Flatbush - Joel Braverman High School was built in 1962 and was lucky enough this year to receive a much needed facelift to their auditorium which doubles as their sanctuary.  Working with Dattner Architects and Fisher Dachs Associates, iWeiss was able to transform a small multipurpose space into a fully functional performance and worship venue.

The stage is now equipped with 4 hand crank winches to operate the 3 electrics and 1 general purpose batten along with brand new stage drapery to polish off the new theatrical look of the venue.  In the front of house light location an iWeiss ViaLift was installed to allow lights to come to a working height eliminating ladder climbing for students.

The auditorium also serves as the Sanctuary. Customized bi-parting curtains were installed on the upstage wall to allow for the Ark to be exposed during services without revealing the back wall. These curtains also act as a rear backdrop for theatrical performances.

The synergy of the space was taken into consideration with every choice; lighting positions and battens being able to move out of sight lines, and a drapery package that adds subtle masking to the architecture of the stage house.

Inver Hills Community College - Inner Grove Heights, MN

Installation of six 12' ViaLifts including control station for house lighting. Vertical travel: 20' Contractor: Gopher Stage Lighting


North Shore H.S. - Glen Head, NY

Installation of a 24' ViaLift equipped with a 16 circuit raceway and a 30' pipe batten. The students and staff at North Shore H.S. used to have a difficult time adjusting and maintaining their front of house lights as access to the ceiling was very limited and difficult. ViaLift will make this task a breeze while providing a greater level of safety.


Woodbury High School - Woodbury, MN

One 25' ViaLift for Front of House Lighting. Vertical Travel: 16' Contractor: Gopher Stage Lighting Consultant: Schuler Shook

Zachary Community Schools - Zachary, LA

One 20' ViaLift for Front of House Lighting. Vertical Travel: 30'


McKinney High School

The Stages for Success program brings a renovated auditorium to the New York City School system.  We are proud to be a part of this renovation at the Dr. Susan S. McKinney High School of the Arts.  The project included: new stage rigging and curtains, new window curtains and curtain track, as well as an iWeiss ViaLift for FOH Lighting positions.  GC:  Yorke Construction