Stage and Orchestra Platform Lifts
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iWeiss is proud to be a certified installer and inspector of SERAPID stage lifts, orchestra lifts, and platform lift systems. In addition we are an authorized distributor of all SERAPID lifting products.

SERAPID specializes in horizontal and vertical motion through the use of their Rigid Chain Technology. The Rigid Chain is a telescopic mechanical actuator that is flexible in one direction and rigid like a steel beam in the other. As a mechanical system it eliminates the issues associated with hydraulic, cable and pneumatic systems.

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David H. Koch Theatre - Orchestra Pit Lift

The comprehensive range of SERAPID LinkLift models allow solutions to match your exact specifications, and provide the right lift system for small tables as well as for big platforms. The LinkLift technology is not only extremely safe and reliable, but also fast and quiet, which makes it a favorite in the entertainment industry.

Trap Lift

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The SERAPID Trap Lift is the fastest trap lift known to the market today. It can be used to carry scenery, objects and actors from areas under the stage up to stage level in venues such as theatres, schools and houses of worship. It can act as a trap lift, scenery transfer lift, pulpit, or a conductor podium.

Telescopic Mast

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SERAPID's telescopic masts are heavy duty units specifically design to offer a high level of lateral force resistance for loads up to 1000lbs and strokes up to 40' without guying*. Possible applications include camera lifts, signage/ stage prop display, or single platform lifts. *May be required for maximum loads.