Fiber Optic Curtains

Star Drops - Made to Order

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The options for fiber optic star drops are virtually endless. From a random night sky, to a specific constellation, or a custom design such as a logo or skyline - anything is possible.

Our standard star drop is fabricated with black Crescent Velour or black Commando Cloth with lining, and a random star spread of 3.125 points per square foot. The drop is finished with hidden webbing, grommets and ties on all sides. The lining is attached and removable with Velcro® on all four sides.

Star Drop - Rentals

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LightScape fiber optic rental drops are made of Black 22 oz IFR Encore with removable IFR lining, with webbing, grommets and ties on four sides, and a random star spread of approximately three single points per square foot. Sizes are approximate. Larger sizes are comprised of multiple panels. The number of fixtures needed may vary accordingly. Most panels can be hung in any direction.

All rental packages include Martin QFX 150 illuminators for stand-alone operation or DMX interface. It is possible, but not required, that you integrate the Martin QFX with your existing consoles. The rental package includes its own lighting console. Instruction manuals, control cables, and road cases are provided with each package.

Rentals are on a weekly basis with a minimum rental time of one week. Discounts may apply to longer rental periods.

All rentals are handled in partnership with Mainlight Industries. Please contact Mainlight directly for pricing and additional information.

Recent Projects

Legacy Church - Albuquerque, NM
Two Fiber Optic Star Drops - 30' w x 16' h - with four Martin QFX 150 illuminators and traveler track.
North Ridge Church - Plymouth, MI
Two Fiber Optic Backdrops, 30' w x 27' h, with six Martin QFX 150 illuminators.
Kabuki System Rental for the holiday season 2006 - 3-Phase/50 Solenoids.

Come Fly Away

When James Youmans designed an animated fiber optic drop of a famous Frank Sinatra Pose, Geoff Quart, Production Manager of His Way Entertainment came to iWeiss. The challenge was to make a recognizable face out of light that would animate and build in sequence. We started by fabricating a 6’ x 6’ sample of the face, which we reviewed with the designer. It helped everyone identify any possible problems and determine the best density and “pixilation” for the full size drop. (54’ w x 28’ h) Mr. Youmans’ associate Jerome Martin provided a full scale rendering showing every fiber point in detail, which needed to be translated into zones and circuits. There were approximately 5,700 points divided in 10 circuits, six for Frank’s image, three for the starry background, and one for the animation leading up to the appearance of the Big Star. From the designer’s rendering we plotted a full scale pounce for each of the six image circuits. Together with Main Light Industries, iWeiss was able to take the designer’s vision and make it a reality.