Curtain Track

We are a stocking distributor for various types of stage and studio curtain track manufactured by H & H Specialties, from standard duty steel track and curveable aluminum I-beam track to heavy duty solutions for extra large, heavy or long curtains. Each track type has several different complete system models that include specific components for specific functions. You can choose from motorized and rope operated track, as well as walk-along models that do not include rope or pulleys. Some models include stronger carriers, and larger pulleys to facilitate the movement of large and heavy curtains. All track and components are sold individually or, for your convenience, as complete systems. The latter are sold on a per foot basis.

If you need any assistance in finding the right track or complete system for your application, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.


100 Series


Standard-duty straight steel track for light or medium weight stage curtains up to 40' long. Can be suspended or ceiling-mounted. Can be used with Rear-Fold Guides.This model is comparable to ADC 170 Besteel® Series.




200 Series


Black finished Medium-duty straight track, for curtains up to 48' wide. Can be walk-along or rope operated.

This series is an H & H Specialties exclusive, a good mid-way solution between the basic heavy-duty 400 track and a standard-duty 100 track. While it can support a bit more weight than 100 series, it operates very smoothly and quietly at the same time. In addition it can be ceiling mounted, has a lower profile than 400 series, and comes standard in black.


300 Series


Versatile track for straight and curved applications in TV studios, theaters, and many other types of facilities. It can be curved at our shop or on-the-job to suit project requirements. This model is comparable to ADC 140 Rig-I-Flex® Series.


400 Series


Medium- to heavy-duty straight track for curtains up to 60'. Can be walk-along or cord operated. Models 416, 418, and 428 offer stronger carriers and larger pulleys offering quieter operation while supporting curtains of almost any length. This model is comparable to ADC 280 Silent Steel® series.


500 Series


Heavy-duty curved or straight track for curtains of almost any length. Can be reverse curved for walk-along or rope operated use. Ideal for TV studios, stage, and auditorium dividers. This model is comparable to ADC 500 Patriarc® series.



700 Series


Light-duty curved or straight track for curtains up to 40 feet wide. Walk-along use only. This model is comparable to ADC 132 Flex-I-Trac® series.


Pivot Devices

Pivot devices allow masking draperies to be rotated at any angle.


Scenery Carriers



Switching devices enable walk-along curtains to be moved from one track to another, increasing the flexibility of drapery systems in TV studios and on dead hung stages. Available for 300 and 500 Series.

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